Best Casino Affiliate Programs

Best Casino Affiliate Programs is the most prominent affiliate platform released in 2020, and we are growing every day and every week. We are adding new brands every week, and we only work with the best Online Casinos and their Affiliate Platforms.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs

Best Casino Affiliate Programs Why You Ask?

Best Casino Affiliate ProgramsThis is a good question, and we have a good answer for you. We have been working in the Casino industry for close to a decade. We know how Land-based casinos, Online Casinos work, and we are affiliates ourselves. We have been created by some affiliate platforms or programs, and therefore we do not want this to happen to anyone else.

This is the biggest reason why we have created this platform to be able to provide affiliates with a safe and secure platform were to be able find new brands to promote and discuss the pros and cons regarding online casinos, payments, issues and much more. We are all about affiliates. This is the biggest reason for us existence.

We understand the difficulty when you are the new kid on the block, and you do not have references or merits. But you have a good GEO, and you would want to promote a particular brand. This is where we come in.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs We are here to help you with questions, branding, marketing, and all the questions you might have when starting an affiliation site. No matter it is an SEO website or a PPC website, or maybe you are a streamer. We can help you turn your dreams into money. But we can tell you that it is not an easy path to take. Due to this, we want you to think, is this really what you want? If it is… We are here to help you with all the knowledge we have.

The forum is opening soon!

You have our Top 5 Affiliate Platforms to choose from on the front page, and once you have registered as an Affiliate, you will have the complete website and forum for your use.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs We are updating the site every week, so remember to log in and check out the best deals and the newest partners, as we are all about being transparent. We will recommend that you message us if you are not sure about something, as starting with a new partner and not being able to deliver is the worst way to start a partnership.

Are the Affiliate Programs on our site safe?

Best Casino Affiliate Programs This is a good question, as many sites will list all the affiliate platforms that there are on the market. But we are different, as we only list brands that we either work with or know are good and trustworthy. We also have our own team that will go over every single new affiliate platform, and they will look under every stone and stump to make sure that the affiliate platform does not have anything to hide or that they are not known for any foul play or hidden Ts&Cs.

Are there Rouge or Bad Affiliate Programs?

Best Casino Affiliate Programs This is a good question, and unfortunately, the answer is YES. There are affiliate programs that will either remove High-Rollers players or VIP Players who are generating huge revenues for affiliates and about those, we will talk more about them in the ROUGE AFFILIATES Section.

What are the Best Deals that Affiliates give?

Best Casino Affiliates

Best Casino Affiliate Programs This depends totally on your traffic. So if you have a robust SEO Website or you might be a streamer that has a good amount of traffic and your player value is good, then we recommend that you stick to a Revenue Share deal or then. If the platform gives you a Hybrid Deal, then do that.

But if you have a PPC site and you are buying ads, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other social media, and you can send big amounts of traffic, then we recommend you to go for a Hybrid deal or a CPA deal. But again, this is all about what you are looking for.

Best Casino Affiliates – We will explain the differences in all the different deal types here for you so that when you start negotiating, you will know what you are talking about, and you will not look like a noobie.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs Different Deal Types

Best Casino Affiliate ProgramsRevenue Share Deal

A Revenue Share deal is a deal that will pay you on the player’s losses. The percentage can be anything from 25% to 50%.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs Hybrid Deal

A Hybrid Deal is a deal where the casino will pay you a commission on the player’s first deposit, which can be anything from 40€ CPA to 100CPA. Then after the first deposit, if the player continues to play, you will be paid a Revenue on the player’s losses, and the Revenue Share can be anything from 25% to 40%.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs CPA Deal

A CPA deal is simple, and the Casino will state the minimum deposit of, let´s say 20€ or 25€, and once that has been achieved, you will be paid your CPA commission which can be anything from 150€ to 250€, this depending on the GEO´s you are sending players from.

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