What is better a CPA deal or a Revenue Share deal?

Updated on 06/05/2022 in Affiliate Programs
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What is better a CPA deal or a Revenue Share deal?

This is a question we get asked often and because of this, we wanted to put this here for the other members to give their opinion on this matter. As we have to remember three very important key factors here…

  1. A CPA is a one-time payment, so if you know you have quality traffic, you should go with a revenue share of then with a hybrid deal. But if you want more information on the different deals, read this review from here.
  2. If you have the possibility to choose between a revenue share and a hybrid deal, even if the CPA is low, we will always recommend you to take the hybrid deal.
    – But it is important to remember that the CPA is only paid once.
  3. A Revenue Share deal is always a “lifetime deal” so even if your players would not be active for the first year or so… But when they will become active, you will be paid the earnings the next year or even the year after that… 

So this really depends on the quality of the traffic and then, of course, the amount of traffic you can send to the online casino in question.

But this is our point of view, Guys please share your opinions on this matter!

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